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Complete IT solutions and professional applications provided by an experienced team.

General IT Support

General IT Support

Whether you require on-going support for your office or help on an as-needed basis, our experienced IT experts offer a single point of contact for all your IT needs, which will reduce the time and resources spent on hiring multiple technicians and contractors.

  • Purchase, installation and calibration of technical equipment & software
  • Computer, network & server management & support
  • Onsite and remote troubleshooting
  • Networking and wireless networking
  • Managing printers and print servers
  • Consulting services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Software upgrades
  • Virus, spyware and malware protection and removal
End-to-End Web & Mobile Solutions

End-to-End Web & Mobile Solutions

Do you want to create a visually appealing, more intuitive new website that will withstand huge traffic, possible security threats and the constantly evolving web technology? Or do you have a great idea for an app, but lack the experience to build one that will fit your exact vision?

At Consoriana, we work closely with our clients to plan, design and develop eye-catching websites and apps that work flawlessly across multiple platforms, deriving maximum digital impact and optimal user experience.

  • Responsive website design and development
  • Mobile and cross-platform application design and development
  • Usability and user interface design
  • 3rd party application integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Optimizing client and user experiences
  • Maintenance and support
  • Secure hosting
  • Security consulting
Database Designt

Database Design

Despite investing in a software solution, your team still spends a lot of time doing things manually, inserting repetitive data across various programs, writing sticky notes on card walls, and searching their mailbox for the latest updated version?

Your current off-the-shelf software is not really tailored to your exact needs? Or do you find yourself lost in the myriad of software products that you are simultaneously using to keep your business running?

At Consoriana, we create highly customized, yet simple-to-use solutions that will help streamline your business process, improve your team’s efficiency and increase your market reach.

  • Custom database design
  • Database development & programming
  • Database optimization
  • Data migration, translation and conversion
  • Database maintenance & support
  • Data management consulting
  • Secure database hosting
Network Security & Cloud Computing

Network Security & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular as it allows access to various applications and company data across multiple platforms and physical locations without the need for investment in computer hardware of software. However, there are many questions to consider when deciding to go cloud, such as security, accessibility, speed, compatibility with a range of devices, permission settings, etc. Sometimes, it still makes sense to keep certain operations, storage and hardware safely stored in-house.

At Consoriana, we can optimize your data management strategy and devise a solution that seamlessly integrates public cloud services for non-sensitive operations with private cloud storage for more sensitive data.

Consoriana offers a decade of cloud computing and network security experience combined with a proprietary file-sharing program and partnerships with leading cloud providers for:

  • Hardware, memory and storage
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Software-defined networking services
  • Server virtualization management
  • Privileged account management


With our applications you can find a proper solution for your business. We are specialized in the field of complex B2B software, accounting and CRM for major international companies.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue

Deep Blue Software, developed by Consoriana, is a revolutionary and easy to use Yacht Management Software designed to facilitate the important administrative workload of Captains and Crew, as well as Yacht management companies and Yacht Owners. More on


Filmio is an online accounting solution specifically designed for film and TV production. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, users can easily enter purchase orders and expenses and track them against project budgets. Automatically generated cost reports and general ledgers ensure producers better control over the overall production expenditure.

EVO - Evaluation Tool

An online data repository and evaluation tool created for the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. This user-friendly online software was designed to offer both applicants and evaluators an efficient, paperless, transparent and tamper-proof platform for the processing, evaluation and selection of projects submitted for public funding.


Cumulo is a private cloud solution for companies that provides simple and structured access to project files. Combined with an online extranet and a presentation module, Cumulo is a complete project and file management solution designed for businesses that deal with a large amount of data.


DisPlay is an interactive digital signage application. With DisPlay, content management for displays becomes an easy task. DisPlay supports an unlimited number of monitors, custom resolutions and data for each of them.


An online location database designed for producers, directors & location managers that enables fast upload, editing and sharing of all information concerning proposed and approved shooting locations.


Online casting database designed for casting directors, talent agencies and producers that allows them to collect, edit and share information regarding potential and selected talent.


Simple, fast, reliable and secure. If you want to transfer internal files, the only option is to use Transfer application.

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